Want To Grow
A More Remarkable Salon?

Let's talk about shaping your culture.

What is salon culture shaping all about?

It’s about developing good habits, behaviors and practices at your salon that would attract and retain team members that share your values. It’s about building a reputation as a salon in your industry that makes it clear to people that you are the best choice. It’s about rendering services with a good attitude, enthusiasm and excellence. It’s about knowing who you are in Christ and letting that knowledge guide your choices. And it’s about knowing your true purpose and living it out in its fullness.

Salon culture shaping might be ideal if you’re…

  • Not where they want to be despite all your many efforts.
  • Frustrated or dissatisfied about your anything-goes work environment.
  • Committed to being intentional about shaping lives for Christ through your business.
  • Not clear on the steps to put in place to turn things around at your salon to better serve others.

I can be your salon's virtual team member.

We’ll work on clarifying your brand’s purpose, promise and vision; identifying your target audience; and find ways to clearly express the true character of your salon. Over time, and with proper application and implementation of these findings, you’ll begin to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated staff, loyal customers and fulfilling work.

Are you ready to shape a culture of excellence? Email me to request a consult.
The first 30 minutes of consulting is my FREE gift to you. You’ll have the opportunity to rent my brain by the hour if you’d like to continue with our consulting session beyond 30 minutes. But for now, click the “I am ready” button below to send me an email request for your FREE 30-minute consult.

I am ready
Have far-traveling stories of great service experiences, a rock-solid team and a fiercely loyal customers.
Be a salon that people value, trust and are proud of, and team members unite around a shared purpose.
Do things that make individuals and the community in which your salon exists better as a result.

Let’s get going!

My consults are only going to require a 30 minute investment of your time; and I’m not going to waste a minute of it talking about get-rich quick schemes or short cuts. We’ll just talk about simple solutions and ideas I think will help you shape the culture at your salon around the principles of servant leadership.
There is a lot I want to share with you. So go ahead and click on the “Email Me” button to get started. Be sure to tell me who you are, what your greatest challenge is and why you want to make a change in you message.
I can’t wait to hear from you!

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